AM/PM stores


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AM/PM are convenience stores located inside gas stations in Brazil. Nowadays, there are almost two thousand AM/PM shops across the country.


I was part of the team of architects, engineers and designers at Gad’ Branding & Design responsible of redesigning the retail experience in the AM/PM stores. 


Convenience and easy access were the main concepts of the project, as clients spend very few minutes inside the store, usually while using some of the services of the gas station (fuel, oil change, car wash, etc.)

The design concept was developed to facilitate the flow and identification of different sectors in the store. We used a mixture of bright and cold colors in defining the spaces and the merchandising pieces in the store.


The process started by visiting multiple AM/PM shops and competitors in the south of Brazil, where the team was taking notes in the pain points faced by customers. The customers’ journey was also mapped to understand the behaviour in
the shop.

The team then gathered the information and started analysing the journeys and opportunities for improvement. An initial visual proposal and the shop physical layout was presented to the client. After some rounds of revision, the project was then implemented across over one thousand shops in the country.

3d images presented to the client

Final design implementation