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Biopolix is a research-based startup aiming to produce 100% biodegradable plastics in Brazil.


Dzi design was hired at the foundation of the company to work in defining the brand name and visual strategy. The project was conducted while the two partners at dzi design were living in Finland and we handled all the meetings and presentations over Skype.


Transparency, overlap of colours and flexibility. These are the main characteristics of plastic. We relied on these concepts for visually representing the name of the company.

The colours used represent also the idea of sustainability, which is one of the main pillars of the Biopolix brand.


We started the process by developing the name for the company. Biopolix was chosen in cooperation with the client after evaluating a long list of names. The name makes reference to the main characteristics of the product, a biopolymer based on renewable sources.

After defining the name, we evaluated the market and visual references to visually communicate the concepts associated with the company and its product.